Sorry, everyone. Going on a short break- shouldn’t be more than a week. Tentatively saying that story updates will start again on Monday, September 9th. Possibly not until Wednesday, depending.

Recently had a death in the family, and it makes writing for a predominantly comedy blog pretty difficult. Giving myself a week to grieve and recharge them fickle comedy juices.

Sorry to those who featured Sombra recently- I still want to draw response pictures for you guys, so I hope you don’t mind waiting a little bit longer on those.

See you soon!

  1. charcoalquillreplies said: Ooh… My sympathies go out to you. Don’t think twice about taking as long as you need. We’ll understand.
  2. ask-nex said: mod: *gives a hug* >:
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    Man, that’s rough. Hope you get better. Kind of ironic, considering I had a death in the family Saturday afternoon. What...
  5. sarteck said: Take yer time, Wiggs. Sorry for yer loss. Hit me up if ya need a random stranger’s shoulder.